A Court of Wings and Ruin


I feel like I’ve lost friends, family members really. Why does this story have to end, why can’t Sara just write about Rhys and Feyre forever and ever and EVER.

She did it again though, pulled me into a world that she created and kept me there until the end. I couldn’t do anything else once I started, I had to know what was going to happen with my little Night Court family. Even though this book was mostly about the conflict and saving the mortals from the wall being destroyed by the evil king, there were still sweet moments amongst several characters.

What is crazy is I cried at the most random part, when our favorite gossip, the Suriel, is injured and what he says after…OMG Sara ripped my heart out. He was a dreamer, born in the a Court of Nightmares. Sigh.

Some of my favorite parts were: Feyre learning to fly, Az teaching her to fly, Feyre teaching the nasty Lord of Autumn Court a lesson, and learning that Rhys might not be too against a three way (wait was that just me? Did I read too much into his response, oh well…sorry).

We pick up right where we left off with Feyre in the Spring Court and what she does to Tamlin…I wanted to stand in some parts and start clapping (and laughing). Especially with the evil witch Ithane involved, UGH I really really don’t like her – she gets what she deserves in the end. Once Feyre gets back to the Night Court the reunion is sweet and I LOVE how Rhys is with her. So timid, waiting and letting her come to him. I wondered at this part if he didn’t know what all had gone on in the Spring Court, if maybe he thought Tamlin had forced her sleep with him, and he was giving her space incase she needed time.

The war is a what this book is centered around but we still get the warm and fuzzies. I can’t WAIT to read the other books she has planed that revolve around this world and I do have ideas on who it will involve…but we shall see.

Happy reading everyone!


Mean Streak – A Review

I love Sandra Brown, I really do. I’ve read several of hers before and have always been thoroughly entertained through the whole book. She ties up all the lose ends, paints a good picture of the scene and leaves me in suspense the entire read. This book didn’t disappoint on any of those levels. Sandra Brown outdid herself with the twist that came at the end of the story.

Dr. Emory Charbonneau is driven. Very driven. She has a small pediatric practice in Atlanta, runs marathons, does charity work to the point of compulsion and doesn’t seem to really understand why. After a intense fight with her husband, Jeff, she sets out into the mountains of North Carolina for a 20 mile trail run to get her ready for an upcoming marathon. During her run something happens, she can’t remember what, but when she wakes up she’s being taken care of by a strange man.

At first she is scared, who wouldn’t be, but warms to him as she realizes he will keep his promise not to hurt her. And of course she starts to realize the last year of not having sex with her husband, a year…I know right that would suck, has built up to her longing to be with this man she doesn’t even know his name.

So thats the stage. Its a great book, fun read. I read it in….20 hours. But my eyes do start to glaze over paragraphs where there is too much detail about the dense fog or other things that don’t move the story along.

IF you like suspense books with a little bit of naughty scenes then check out this book and all of Sandra Brown’s books. After this one I would suggest ‘The Crush’ and “the Switch’. Both fav’s of mine.

I think Im going to read City of Bones next or the most recent Colleen Hoover novel. Just not sure when I’ll have time. If you haven’t noticed I have a slight obsession with finishing a book immediately after I start it. Its a compulsion. I can’t help it and if I read too many new books in a week, well then Im cranky from lack of sleep. My husband would be pissy and I really don’t want to be in the same boat as Mrs. Emory Charbaooneau…a year without wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Twenty six hours later….

I did have to work today guys so don’t be too disappointed that I couldn’t finish it in less than 12.

Abby is trying to be someone she isn’t and Travis is the bad boy we all wanted to know in high school and college. He’s hot, a fighter and has amazing tattoo’s need I say more about our bad boy hero? Like any college couple they fight, push against the inevitable making each other crazy and miserable in the process.

The book was entertaining, the only part that I was bored with was the Vegas scene. IDK the whole dad showing up needing help with money, it was a bit of a stretch fore me. But that scene didn’t last long and we were right back to the good stuff.

I really liked Travis’ character. He grew a lot through the book even though he is a classic case of stalking and codependency. He loves her and she loves him, its trying to get them both to be on the same page that is annoying.

And normally I would be annoyed at the female character, telling her to just climb on top of him and tell him you love him already. But with Abby she fights it, she fought from the start and I don’t know maybe I see a little of myself in that. Not wanting to fall easily, be played into some cocky guys game. So I liked her and her friend America, loved her.

I would recommend that book, actually I already have to a few people. Not sure if I will continue on in the series – this book was free from my sister, thanks Laura! – not sure if Im committed enough to spend money on the dozen or so more books that is in this series.

So there you have it. Read it, its entertaining for sure. It’s a great distraction but one that won’t leave you hanging or crying or mourning or dying or….you know all the irrational feelings we bookies feel when a book ends to abruptly or in a way we are not happy with (I think I have PTSD from EOS, no joke. Im full prepared for each book I read now to rip out my heart.)

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Hello everyone! I’m back with a review for the fantasy novel – Six of Crows. I found out about this novel through one of the other blogs I read and was very excited to get sucked into another fantasy like I was with COTAR and TOG. But sadly this book did not have that kind of pull with me. It was well written – especially if you like details….lots of details. The catch with that is I like dialogue and lots of it. So lets me sum up the book for you then give my two cents.

A makeshift gang of criminals is constructed to rescue a prisoner from one of the most secure prisons in their world. The books sets up each character, their background, how they became who they are today and the challenges they might meet through their journey. In the end…well Im not going to tell you the end so I’ll stop there.

A few of things that turned me off about this book. First, I couldn’t get into the characters. I didn’t really have any emotional attachment  – but I did with Kaz, Enji and Matthis – the rest were meh, I wouldn’t have been sad if they died.  Second, the book is set up so each chapter is a different persons point of view, that is very hard for me. Maybe thats why I didn’t feel that attached to most of the characters. Third, when they are in the ice castle it seems like every time they got into a predicament the author just said…”huh…well I’ll just make it apart of Kaz overall plan. Yeah this was all planned.” It just didn’t seem real to me, yes I know its a fantasy but even in fantasy’s the order of events and how they happen has to make sense. Right?

The last thing I will say is, it ended way to suddenly. I was expecting to get a lot more out of the novel – since my kindle said I was only 68% done – but one second they were fighting then the next…see you next book.

Overall I would recommend it to my friends, but I am going to read Crooked Kingdom (the second book to this series). Everyone I read last year put Crooked Kingdom on their top reads for 2016 so I’ll give Leigh another shot.


Hold Your Breath – Katie Ruggle



First off let me tell you I bought this book because Goodreads recommend it to me when I did a search of romantic suspense, and I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you Goodreads!

Hold Your Breath is a great romantic suspense novel and it seems to be a series of sorts, all tied to the mystery murder that Lou unintentionally discovers during a dive training run.

Let’s start there, the book opens with us meeting Derek, Lou and Callum. Callum – totally swoon worthy Callum – intense, built like a rock and overly protective. Lou is a little needy for me, but I love her spunky personality. I wish the author would have given us more on these characters, the depth and ‘shipness’ of Lou and Callum just isn’t there because of that. Not sure what else I wanted from her on these to but I defiantly wanted more.

In romantic suspense there is typically A. A stalker B. Someone after the girl or C. both. This book has A and a little B, but the main focus is on her stalker. A little cliche but ey it was a great read and I loved over protective Callum. Lou and Callum start out as drill sergeant -trainee, but grow closer through the novel which was fun to read.

IDK, good book and I would read it again but it’s not…..IDK….the characters just needed to draw me in a little more than they did. Not sure if that explains it the right way, but there you have it.

If you like romantic suspense, its a good – cheap- read. I’ll probably end up buying the next one in the series just because I really want to know who killed HDG.

Empire of Storms – A Review

I started this novel on Wednesday night and finished it late last night. I tried my hardest to spread it out, to no read it too quickly since the final book of the series won’t be out until this time next year – assuming. But just like all her other books EOS sucked me in and I couldn’t stand not knowing how it ended as soon as I read the first page. I had no idea how emotional the ending would be. I cried and I never cry. Even this morning I am a little heartbroken.

Since this is typically a spoiler free blog review I can’t and won’t go into too much detail, but I do feel like I need to warn you – nothing can prepare you for it. Oh and if you haven’t read the novella’s SJM wrote as precursors to TOG then you need to. All those books character come in to play in this book. You will be better prepared and know what the hell they are talking about – and be even more impressed with Alien – if you do.

I guess the part that I could reveal that doesn’t spoil too much, is that yes Aelin and Rowan finally….have their time together. And its awesome, then like it was some kind of hold on the others emotions everyone else starts to fall in love with someone else. It’s a nice reprieve from all the fighting and death.

Overall its a great book, the best of the series so far. But I’m crying for Aelin, crying for Rowan, crying for Adieon, crying for Lysandra – Dorian-Loracan-Elide…every person in the book. The end shattered me. I normally reread books like this immediately after finishing to enjoy it all over again, but this one. I’m going to need a while before I can go back and read about the happiness they all shared before….before…..what they thought was true became the biggest lie.

PS – after all this I hate Elena. HATE HER and her ignorant error that doomed them all.



Throne of Glass Series Review- Sarah J. Maas

I don’t even know where to start really. I downloaded Throne of glass over 3 week ago, but didn’t have the courage to start it knowing it would devour me through and through, which it did once I gave in and started it. 7 days later…I somewhat have my life back now that I finished the 4th book – Queen of Shadows – and look forward to September when the 5th book- Empire of Storms – comes out.

If you have read my other reviews of Sarah’s books you know that I really have a crush on her and her writing, characters, imagination…okay everything.  I am a tiny bit jealous too that she can write these amazing books at such a young age…at her age I was still trying to master putting two pieces of clothing together to make a decent outfit and here she is writing these amazing stories that engulf you to the core.

I really want to tell you all about the four books I read, but I feel like I would be giving things away, which is why this is/isn’t a book review its more of a begging for you to read the damn books. I could have written a review of each book, but honestly I didn’t even blink an eye at my blog when going from book to book to know what happens to the beautiful assassin/princess/queen.

Once again Sarah Maas takes you into a fantasy world that you are more than happy to enter, the character the action, the love (swoon). Everything encourages you to keep going, to buy the next book then the next and the next.

I am a hard core COTAR fan, so I have to admit that I prefer that series to this one, but who wouldn’t when it comes to Rhys? I mean Rowan you are great and have amazing tattoos, but…Rhysland….he is high lord of the night court you can’t even touch his awesomeness (is that a word)?

Like I said, I read all 4 books in a week (yes I am a speed reader, but still they are easy reads and can be read very quickly as long as you are willing to give up eating, sleep and occasionally working to know whats going to happen next.

Personally, I think COTAR is written better, it draws me in more instead of hoping around minds chapter by chapter, but that is just me.

Read it, read them all and join the SJM fan club. It’s nice here, we live in a fantasy land with Fae princes and high lords that know how to treat their women.